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Serie: Busted!

The young lady you're going to watch is called Angie, she's a student who lives in Madrid and by consequence, a young woman with really few cash in her purse. The giy you see walking down the street is called David and he's got a wallet full of cash he's dropping in presence of young girls hunting for, precisely, an Angie to talk into porn. Not as easy as it seems in the video but you can rest sure, it's not as difficult as muy may think, by far. Dropping a fat bunch of paper in front of broken young girls and students, in a country like Spain, is the perfect bait for these kind of situations. Because Angie couldn't resist the smell of money, she didn't know at the moment but the moment she crossed paths with David she was going to end up the day eating his happy dick thanks to our porn dollars. Here you are, A GIRL WHO FUCKED FOR MONEY. We're sorry, Angie, but we make our living from this :-)



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