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Serie: Fuck them!

Hi, everybody, I'm... well, I'd rather be known as Doctor Love. I define myself as a risk-loving pervert who, having my own life solved, has decided to show the world what a ginecologist can get to do. Yeah, my job is touching women and I can assure you THEY GET WET WHEN I TOUCH THEM. The best part is watching them come with the husband, but once they open their legs for me they forget everything. I send you this first video, hopefully the first of many, with one of the sluttiest patients I have, just look how she leaves herself be touched and groped while her  loser of a boyfriend in the waiting room. Ok, I must confess for this first time I chose a patient who is A TOTAL WHORE. But let me tell you, a lot of different women pass by this clinic... and they always end soaking her pussy when I grope them. Are you sure your wife doesn't get horny with a gynecologist? Just watch this video and extract your own conclussions ;-)


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